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YOU AND I : My profile and my characters profile.

  GALLERY : All of my creation in graphic in here. My cover fanfiction, wallpaper,                                      manipulation, header, logo,etc.

 BIAS : My idols.

  SHARING : Any tutorials like about photo editing, video editing, others editing, also                                there are PSD and editing needed.

BLOGROLL : For exchange links, also there are Lounge for chat and promote.

♠ FORM : you can order cover fanfiction, send your ff, and criticsm on a form.

TRICK : the page who tells you how to get a password, cause some page are locked.

♠ LIBRARY : easy way to find a fanfiction or story related in this blog, sorts with letter A-Z

Thankyou..have fun tonight hahaha! Untitled-3

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